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Since the 1950s, the Ciatti family has been running the company that bears its name, and the business has evolved – and is still evolving - over three generations.


It was founded in 2003 under the name of CCR when Flavia Ciatti met Bruno Rainaldi, a curious utopian designer who enjoys experimenting with codes of expression.
This new company is focused on developing fittings and accessories for the home. Under the artistic direction of Bruno Rainaldi, furniture, chairs, mirrors and designer pieces have been created by Bruno Rainaldi and other leading names in the world of Italian design. Under the CCR brand name, some important pieces have been created, including Ptolemeo, which has quickly become a company bestseller. For this project, Bruno Rainaldi was awarded the “Compasso d’Oro 2004.”


In 2006, Lapo Ciatti, who represents the third generation of he Ciatti family, joined the company with his family instinct for business and his training in Industrial Design.
New encounters and new opinions. OPINION CIATTI, OC, was then established, again under the artistic direction of Bruno Rainaldi and based in Calenzano, and the brand name replaces CCR.


In 2011, Bruno Rainaldi left Lapo Ciatti an important cultural and artistic inheritance.
Today Lapo runs things alone, handling both the management and the artist side of the business.


Lapo Ciatti’s first collection was launched, and the pieces that fully meet the teacher’s expectations and what was learned from him.


Opinion Ciatti

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Marcello Ziliani, Bruno Rainaldi, Lapo Ciatti, Paola Navone

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